Things We Do For You

1) The internet is the newest and first place prospective buyers go to start their search for their perfect home. We list your home on all the popular internet sites

2) Presentation is everything! We hire a professional photographer to take the pictures of your home. No more thumbs in the pictures or reflections of your agent in the mirror and too dark pictures. We schedule all your appointments and manage showings and get all important feedback!

3) We do Realtor tours to introduce your home to all the agents in the area! They may have the client that just might purchase your home. This opens good relations with all the salesmen in the local market

4) We schedule Sunday open houses and also send out JUST LISTED postcards. Maybe your neighbors have a relative or friend that is looking for a home.

5) We will follow up on every showing for feedback so we can address the things that might come up and rectify them.

6) Once we have a deal we follow through so that all inspections are done in a timely manner. Follow all the paperwork and accommodate all parties to get the deal closed.

7) We create a website and virtual tour rider for your listing and link it to the rider on the sign so people can drive by and text the number on the sign and get information on your home and look at the pictures. You also get a You tube video!